2022 has been a horrible year for the Green Bay Packers. After showing a glimmer of hope in defeating the Dallas Cowboys (thanks Mike!), the cheeseheads got run over by the Tennessee Titans at home and put to rest any comeback bids.

It's over, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Months ago, when asked about what was wrong with the team, quarterback Aaron Rodgers stated that maybe it was time to cut some reps of the players making mistakes.

In the spirit of, "When you point a finger, three more point back at you," let's have a good ol' blind QB-off.

Mystery QB No. 1

  • 7 passing TDs with 5.1 TD %

  • 6.8 yards per attempt

  • 93.2 passer rating and 41.8 QBR

Mystery QB No. 2

  • 7 passing TDs with 5.2 TD %

  • 7.5 yards per attempt

  • 90.7 passer rating and 57.1 QBR

Those are the resumes of back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers and barely-a-starter Marcus Mariota...

In a lost season, I am ready to take Ol' Yeller behind the barn and have Jordan Love under center for the rest of the season. He can't be worse than Marcus Mariota, can he?

Ready to place this bet for real?

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(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)