Somebody call a doctor because I must be hallucinating. The Falcons are leading the NFC South right now. Yep, you read that correctly. If the NFL season ended today, the Falcons would be #playoffbound, despite their many missteps this season. It really feels like we're rewarding this team for bad behavior with a potential playoff run, when their coach should really be on the hot seat.

To be fair, their hypothetical playoff trip is more of an indictment on the rest of the NFC South than it is a testament to their own talent, but still. It feels like we're just rewarding them for bad behavior if we hand them a chance in the post-season at this point. They're running the third-fewest offensive plays per game. They're not utilizing their offensive weapons to their potential. Frankly, it's just... ugly football.

What about those offensive weapons? Simply put, they just don't use them enough. Imagine your favorite NFL team investing the No. 4 and No. 8 overall picks in back-to-back drafts just to give them a combined 11 targets per game. Hell, Cooper Kupp on his own is averaging 12 targets per game. Let's scheme to use the talent, Arthur!

Falcons stat munchies

  • The Falcons (super surprisingly) are averaging 25 points per game — 7th most in the NFL

  • However, they also rank 25th overall in yards per game.

  • They're also averaging the second-fewest pass attempts per game (22.3) of ANY NFL team in Weeks 1-8 dating back to the year 2000.