Just when you think the defending Super Bowl Champion's season can't get any worse, they go and sign Baker Mayfield of Progressive commercial fame. Yikes.

The former #1 overall pick, who was traded to Carolina for a bag of beans this past offseason, asked for his release from the Panthers earlier this week and the request was hastily granted.

Through the waiver wire he went, with many assuming he was to take the mantle left behind by Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco. But as one of my favorite stand-up comedians was known to say, nay-nay.

In walks Sean McVay, ready to stick it to his division rival by claiming Mayfield and sending him to Los Angeles.

Why? No one knows.

So now what?

The Rams gear up to play what might be the WORST Thursday Night Football game in recent memory and apparently, there are sniffles of Baker Mayfield availability?

Excuse me?

So Baker Mayfield is learning a playbook faster than Professor X and expected to call plays 48 hours later? Playing behind an offensive line that has more leaks than a Marriott? Throwing to skills position players named Ben Skowronek and Tutu Atwell?

Does Sean McVay hate Baker Mayfield?

I understand John Wolford wouldn't start for my East Hollywood Intramural League but this is ridiculous.

If Baker sees any playing time on Amazon Prime I may file a complaint to Jeff Bezos for displaying overly aggressive acts of violence.


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