This game is easily one of the best matchups of last season. This year… not so much. 

Both the Rams and the Bucs are amongst the worst teams in the league against the spread. That means Vegas has overestimated both teams for the majority of the season. Interestingly, both teams also hit the under consistently (75% for Tampa, 71% for LA) despite both offenses being littered with hall-of-fame-level talent.

Part of the blame can be placed on Tom Brady and Matt Stafford, who are both showing their age in noticeable ways this season. They’ve both combined for just 17 touchdown passes so far (9 for Brady, 8 for Stafford) and place outside of the top 10 in many categories. Depleted offensive lines and limited mobility haven’t led to much success.

NBC will be trying to bill this as a shootout between Super Bowl-winning gunslingers but the recent numbers point to the defenses dominating this matchup of aging arms.