There is nothing more rewarding than taking a moribund franchise in Madden and rebuilding them from the ground up. Actually, who are we kidding, there are a million more rewarding things. Madden's Franchise mode hasn't been exciting since Nintendo 64, but alas.

First-year general manager Ryan Poles has attacked his tenure of the once-feared Bears like one would a Madden franchise teardown, trading away the best defensive pieces at his disposal (Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, Roquan Smith) for draft picks. He's shaved nearly 100 million dollars worth of cap space for the 2023 offseason.

This year's roster is now in shambles. Any remaining player is wishing they were set free. Players on the final year of their deals are hoping to show enough on tape to get a look from another team next season. No one is buying into the 2022 Chicago brand of football and it will be dire straits for the remaining games on the slate.

The thing about Madden teardowns, emotions and feelings are left out. EA Sports has yet to calibrate how tanking affects the mindsets of young 20-somethings looking forward to their time out of a Bears uniform. Could this team just up and quit? Lose out on the season and let bad habits rule all? Or will pride take over?

Regardless, welcome to hell Chase Claypool. I'm sure the TikToks will be fun.