When Christian McCaffrey was traded to the San Francisco 49ers (for an entire draft class) many NFL fans rejoiced for it signified a potential rejuvenation for one of the most exciting players in the league.

I don't think we realized how significant the move truly was.

After a handful of plays in his first action with the new squad, McCaffrey showed his true Super Saiyan form against the division rival Rams.

  • 18 rushes for 94 yards and a touchdown

  • 8 catches for 55 yards and a touchdown

  • 1 pass for 34 yards and a touchdown

One man did that in one game.

Now, coming off a bye week, McCaffrey is ready to embark on a statistical ride never seen before. Kyle Shanahan is planning the offense like Professor X. The offensive line is ready to build lanes like Francis Turner. My fantasy team is gearing to go on a winning streak not seen since Roman Reigns.

Run-CMC is back. And none of us are ready.