Odell Beckham Jr. must be beside himself after the AFC Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills signed a different veteran wide receiver to help them in the playoffs.

That player is Cole Beasley.

[I'll pause while you Google the name "Cole Beasley".]

Cole Beasley is not the solution Buffalo is hoping for

Beasley un-retired this week and joined his old mates in Buffalo to try and help Josh Allen out of a funk. The 33-year-old who made more headlines off the field last year than on by questioning the very medical staff he is now back working with, is what the Bills think the doctor ordered. But even his teammates have jokes.

Surprisingly to only those not paying attention, Cole was not signed this offseason when he became a free agent. When Tom Brady's Bucs starting losing players left and right, Tampa put out the Syringe Signal and Beasley signed on to play with the goat. That... didn't quite work out.

So now he goes back to Western New York to jump through tables and steal snaps from better players. In fact, Buffalo's Super Bowl odds actually got worse this week. Congrats, Bills fans!

Remember, if you don't get what's happening, then there's nothing anybody can do for you.

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