Oh how quickly the NFL season passes us by. It feels like just yesterday we were crying about Dak Prescott's right thumb and surprised by the Jaguars' shutout victory over the Super Bowl-bound Colts.


With four weeks remaining, only three NFL teams have been eliminated from playoff contention, which makes every game on the schedule that much more enticing...

The Curious Cowboys

Which Dallas team is truer to form? The Cowboys unit that ran over inferior opponents in the three weeks surrounding Thanksgiving to the tune of 122-42? Or is it the hapless dopes that lost to a lifeless Packers unit and needed a last-second touchdown drive to beat the worst Texans team since David Carr?

Cowboys fans, known to lead the league in 'being fickle', have been questioning their signal caller. Citing him to be, dare I say, mid.

While the Season Ending Sneak will forever be etched in our memory, I feel that there are not many quarterbacks better today than #4 in Dallas.

I mean, what else would y'all want?

Trevor Freaking Lawrence

When Veruca Salt sang about wanting a golden goose it was believed she was crooning over the Jaguars' stud-to-be quarterback.

Lawrence, throwing to the likes of Zay Jones and Evan Engram, has exploded into relevancy over the past few weeks. Dragging this swiss cheese Jacksonville roster with him.

USA Today's Laurie Fitzpatrick broke down Lawrence's year two jump at the end of November and it is finally paying dividends on the field.

The Jaguars have won 3 of their last 5 games, including a divisional upset of the Tennessee Titans, and find themselves sniffin' around the playoff picture.

The Week 15 Clash!

So, heading into a game that the Cowboys need to win if they hope to catch the Eagles and the Jaguars need to win if they hope to catch the Titans, who would you rather have?

Dak or Trevor?

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