Have you guys seen that commercial with (for now) Packers QB Aaron Rodgers where he (maybe) jokingly reveals to Jake From State Farm that he has a "body double" attend his practices so he doesn't have to?

I'm like 99% sure that Dak Prescott has a body double. It's my latest conspiracy theory to explain the roller coaster that has been Dak Prescott's season. Which version is the real Dak Prescott? Which "Dak" will take the field in the Divisional Round? Let's discuss.


Dak is sometimes a very, very good quarterback. In fact, we saw it in the Wild Card card round, where he tore the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to small shreds of paper. It was the second time in his career that he scored five touchdowns in a game, finishing the day with a passer rating of 143.3.

Throughout the regular and postseason, Dak's stats are among the best. He ranks fourth in catchable pass rate (73.3%) and currently highest accurate throw rate (67.1%) among any NFL quarterback per PFF.


With all of the good Dak brings, there's some bad too. Though, I don't think it's as bad as some would lead you to believe — cough, Dan Orlovsky, cough. We first saw #BadDak rear his ugly head in Week 1 against the Bucs, where he had completed just 48% of passes for 134 yards, an interception, and a 47.2 passer rating. In the fourth quarter, he left the game with a hand injury that required surgery that kept him out of the lineup for the next six weeks.

In the 11 games to follow, Dak threw 14 interceptions, never going back-to-back weeks in the regular season without one.

So which is the real Dak? And which one will we see in the Divisional Round?

It's #GudDak, and the aforementioned roller coaster hasn't been nearly as nauseating as his 15 total interceptions would have you believe. He won't put up Wild Card Dak numbers every week, and he's thrown some bad interceptions. He's also made some of the best plays in the league this year. Not all of his interceptions were his fault, either. Some were truly bad luck or awful plays on part of the receivers in the form of tipped balls.

Despite my praise of Dak Prescott, I do have some concerns that body double Dak might make an appearance in the Divisional Round. He's gone 2-3 on the road this year, averaging a lower completion rate, passer rating, and a full 1.0 yards per pass attempt fewer than what he's averaging at home. The 49ers are tied for the second-most turnovers forced this year (30) and the second-fewest yards per play (5.0) among any team in the league.

It'll be an uphill battle for even #GoodDak to make it to the NFC Championship. Can he *literally* defy the odds?

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