It’s a fairly universal maxim across sports that rookies don’t tend to get calls. (Unless you’re Paolo Banchero)

Jets breakout rookie wide receiver has learned this all too well in his first NFL season.

On the one hand, a tweet like this is destined to only result in a fine rather than more favorable calls.

On the other hand, he did almost get murdered on the field and nothing happened at all. Maybe the ref is negligent or maybe he’s a Michigan fan, regardless in an NFL where a quarterback can often get a call if the wind blows on him a certain way, this just doesn’t cut it. 

Garrett Wilson and the Jets deserve a little more respect, even if they have dropped four of their last six games. At 7-6 the team has overperformed just about everybody’s expectations, and this Sunday they face a red-hot Detroit team. The Jets' stout defense against the Lions' explosive offense should make for one of the more intriguing personnel matchups this weekend. 

Regardless of what happens, can we please give Garrett Wilson a friggin’ call? Just one.

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