Don't let the 4-6 record fool you, the Green Bay Packers are all the way back! After Aaron Rodgers defeated the Dallas Cowboys (again) thanks to some late-game mismanagement wizardry by Mike McCarthy (again), Packers fans worldwide started prepping for the playoffs in what's sure to be an unforgettable journey.

Yes, we said playoffs.

This team has had its fair share of hiccups but as we have said all season long, once it all clicked there would be no stopping the Cheese Machine. So R-E-L-A-X and enjoy the ride to finish the season

Remaining Packers Schedule

Five-game losing streak, meet eight-game winning streak. An 11-6 record is a far cry from the three straight seasons of 13 victories but this team had some high hurdles to climb and the journey will only make them stronger.

Next step? The Christian Watson Rookie of the Year campaign. FWIW, Giants WR Wan'Dale Robinson has better odds to win, having averaged 25 receiving yards per game so far in 2022. What a time to be alive.

Ready to place this bet for real?

If you're confident the Packers can continue their single-game win streak at home, smash the Packers -146! Thinking that Tennessee (see also: Derrick Henry) can bulldoze Green Bay back into submission? Bet on the Titans moneyline at +124 odds, where a $10 bet cashes out a $12.40 profit for a takehome total of $22.40!