Usually, when the producers of Sunday Night Football come up with a "first time ever" graphic during their telecast, it's some hodgepodge NextGen stat with a bunch of quantifiers no one has ever thought to put together before.

"Mike Williams is the first WR in the history of the NFL to gain 80 receiving yards and 20 rushing yards and never getting tackled in bounds by a player with a double-digit jersey number!"

This past Sunday, however, Jalen Hurts did something legitimately impressive that prompted a graphic of its own.

Jalen Hurts destroyed the Packers just like he has destroyed every defense he has seen this season. The Eagles sit as the NFC's #1 seed because Hurts has made the leap — a leap so high that he should be handed some individual hardware by the end of the season.

Hurts MVP Stat Munchies

  • 3rd in the NFL in Passer Rating

  • 2nd in the NFL in Yards per Attempt

  • 2nd in the NFL in Interception Percentage

Add on a top-ten ranking in completion percentage and touchdown passes and you have a complete and winning quarterback. The cherry stat on top is Hurts has more rushing yards and rushing touchdowns than Austin Ekeler.

This man is playing like the MVP and his team might run away with the NFC crown because of it.

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