James Cook, rookie running back for the Bills, has a big problem: He needs the damn ball. 

During Buffalo’s current eight-game winning streak, Cook has seen his usage increase with pretty great results. The younger brother of Vikings All-Pro Dalvin Cook has been averaging nearly six yards per carry. And while he’s still listed second on the depth chart behind Devin Singletary, Cook has regularly surpassed him in touches in recent weeks.

With this in mind, a true breakout game for Cook is feeling more and more inevitable. While the Bengals have a fairly stout running defense, the weather in Buffalo calls for wind and snow, meaning the Bills might not have a choice but to establish the run. Beyond that, any time spent chewing clock and keeping Joe Burrow off the field will offer some relief for Leslie Frazier’s defense.

If the Bills let James Cook, don’t be surprised if he happens to break a couple of long runs—as he’s had a penchant for doing all season long. We’re feeling pretty confident he’ll surpass the 41.5 rushing yard total projected for him this week — maybe by a lot.

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