This was the year. The year everything was supposed to change.

After hitting the proverbial glass ceiling with their game manager to the stars, the 49ers had moved on. Handed the reigns of the team to a young stud selected third overall in 2021. Yeah, there might be some growing pains, but they were pains that a deep, veteran laden team could withstand.

Then Trey Lance broke his leg.

Wanton eyes turned to Pretty Jimmy.

For a while it was swell. San Francisco climbed to the top of the division. They traded for a franchise running back in his prime (who doesn't have an injury history why don't you shut up about it). Deebo was happy. Kittle was happy. Most importantly, Jimmy was happy.

Then tragedy struck... again.

I don't know who Kyle Shanahan karmatically pissed off, in this life or the last, but seemingly every year his teams get stabbed in the back from the unforgiving blade of ligament damage.

Jimmy G will miss the rest of the season with a fractured ankle. It's early December, the trade deadline has passed, and the Niners are forced to sign guys like Josh Johnson and Gaming Society's own Kate Magdziuk.

Tragedy is a cruel mistress and a common bedfellow of this cursed NorCal franchise.

No word on when it will change.

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