The Bills logged consecutive — albeit close — wins over the Browns and Lions in a four-day span, which has silenced some of the Josh Allen post-injury doubters to an extent, but still ... he hasn't been the same guy.

After suffering a UCL injury (that's his elbow, and his throwing one at that) against the Jets in Week 9, Buffalo suffered back-to-back losses, and though the wins since have helped, it's apparent Allen's injury is to worry about to some extent. Even if the QB wants to player-speak his way around it.

Allen's real problem has been in the red zone

On the ground, Allen's wheels haven't been a problem. He's rushed for 64 yards per game over his last four games with three touchdowns. It's throwing the ball that's been a concern.

He's thrown five interceptions to just four touchdowns with red zone accuracy being the standout issue. He's thrown three picks there in his last three weeks combined.

In the open field, Allen's been alright. It's crunch time that's been the issue.

There's some good news

On the bright side, Allen logged his first full practice since Week 9 on Monday. Maybe he is on the upswing, even after playing a very quick turnaround Thursday day game.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, he seems determined to play through it despite the initial expectation that he'd miss time. We probably won't learn the true nature of what's up until the season ends.

With the Bills' bye already gone, there's no time to heal. Even after playing last Thursday, Buffalo will again this Thursday.

Allen's mixed bag play could continue as expectations mount.