Few franchises have been as cursed at the quarterback position in recent history as the Chicago Bears. At the start of the season, it appeared that they may in fact find themselves looking for a new signal caller sooner rather than later... again.

But Chicago's dormant offense has come alive the past few weeks thanks to quarterback Justin Fields realizing “Oh yeah, I’m way more athletic than everyone else on the football field.”

Last Sunday, Fields rushed for a whopping 178 yards — an NFL record for a quarterback. In the past few weeks, he's been more aggressive with his legs and the Bears have looked like a much better team for it. 

This weekend the Bears find themselves at home facing a Lions squad that has been nothing short of a disaster on defense. Detroit allowed 90 yards on the ground to Jalen Hurts in Week 1 — the only quarterback they’ve faced in the same stratosphere of athleticism as Fields.

With Detroit looking for answers on defense, this looks like the perfect spot for Fields to go off once again in front of a home crowd and fully cement that the Bears might be set at quarterback for a very long time.