Justin Herbert is very, very good at football. This is an opinion held nearly unanimously amongst football fans.

I only say "nearly" because of professional takesman Emmanuel Acho. 

Since the season started, Acho has been very verbal in his criticism of Herbert. This quote in particular, from his FS1 show, Speak For Yourself, was what initially caused the stir.  

"On social media, they don’t show you interceptions. That’s not fun. People aren’t going to retweet a pick. People aren't going to retweet a bad sack. People aren't going to retweet a bad decision. That's who Justin Herbert is, a social media quarterback."

The Chargers Twitter account, by and large one of the best social media accounts in the game, promptly collected an easy dub in response:

Last Sunday, Acho’s take came to a fever pitch when the Chargers played the Dolphins, who are quarterbacked by Tua Tagovailoa. Tua was famously drafted ahead of Herbert, a decision that looked much more suspect before this season. 

Acho, who was in attendance at the game took some time to greet his haters:

And then Herbert proved he was in fact a very, very good quarterback — which it should be reiterated was previously widely accepted — by thoroughly outplaying Tua en route to a 23-17 win.

To his credit, after the game, Acho owned the L by taking to FS1 to issue an apology. He vowed in part not to refer to Justin Herbert as a social media quarterback… until after Week 18.

It's admirable for a talking head to admit to mistakes, but this might be a take worth retiring for good.

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