I'll save you the trouble — the answer is yes.

Mac Jones has been in the league for almost two full years now and he is sadly reminding me of Grayson Allen. He's talented enough to be a starter but comes off as an entitled prick who routinely makes plays that can't be considered anything other than dirty.

Whether it was the Brian Burns incident or the ugly slide versus the Bears, Mac Jones making questionably disgusting decisions on the football field is becoming a trend that no one enjoys.

Speaking of things no one enjoys...

The Patriots stink.

When visiting my childhood home for the holidays, I joyously conversed with my uncle about his favorite team — the New England Patriots. You see, my uncle has been a Patriots season ticket holder since well before I was born and a conversation about his Patriots can easily take up the entirety of a familial get-together.

This year, he asked if I would be attending the New Year's Day game against the Miami Dolphins. Before the question even left his lips, he added the phrase, "Well, not that it [the game] matters."

"Of course it matters!" I exclaimed. I started rifling through the various scenarios the Patriots would need in order to make the postseason like Dr. Strange calculating Thanos endgames, but I could still see no light behind my uncle's eyes. Now, this is man who, in a normal Patriots season, can recite each team's strength of schedule tiebreaker by heart. This year? Nothing. They've lost him.

And if the Patriots can lose my uncle, well then they can lose just about anyone.

RIP the 2022 New England Patriots. They had a good run. Sort of.

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