When Mike White came onto the field in 2021, no one expected competence let alone greatness, yet his injury-forced starts proved he could sling it at an NFL level.

Now as Zach Wilson's replacement one year later, he shined like a diamond.

Wilson was forced to watch his offense rumble through a decrepit Bears defense while rain was falling on his green hood like a modern day Anakin Skywalker. The era of the Mormon Manziel could be over, it's El Norté Blanco's time to shine.

Now, the run to the playoffs begins.

Head coach Robert Saleh has voiced his support, with a little read-between-the-lines dig at his benched playboy QB.

Sitting pretty at 7-4 with a stellar defense and some exciting playmakers on offense, all the Jets needed was a QB who kept the ship steady. Mike White, who after one game is now just one TD pass behind Wilson on the season, is the guy to get them there.

Photos by Kevin Sabitus and Michael Reaves/Getty Images