The Denver Broncos had playoffs, nay, super bowl aspirations heading into this season. They had a stellar defense packed with young studs, a skill position group coming into their own, and a former all-pro quarterback rearing to begin the next era of his career.

What the hell happened?

The Nathaniel Hackett era happened

Ian Rapoport reported Monday that he'd be surprised if Hackett was fired after one season on the job, but good golly Miss Molly. That'd be a bigger grift than the past few years of Chase Daniels.

This purported offensive wizard has guided the Broncos to produce the LOWEST SCORING AVERAGE IN THE NFL. Sorry, slammed down on the caps lock a little hard there. THEY HAVE YET TO SCORE 24 POINTS IN A SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON. What is going on?

Hackett came from Green Bay, and the Denver brass hoped that if he couldn't lure Rodgers to follow, at least he could bring that high-powered Rodgers offense.

Except there was one problem. It wasn't Hackett who ran the offense. He was OC in title only as Matt LaFleur was the genius calling the plays. Hackett was placed in charge of the red zone installs — a facet of the game that Green Bay was middling at best.

So Mr. Red Zone comes to Denver, and there are immediate problems. He decides to hire Jerry Rosburg to help him call timeouts and manage situations that your son can figure out playing Madden. The Broncos continue to buck so Hackett rescinds playcalling duties and hands them to OC Klint Kubiak. Now after losing to the Raiders and failing to score 20 points against a defense averaging 24.2 pts given up per game, what is left for Hackett to hand off?

He has someone else manage the game, he has someone else run the offense, the defense and the special teams, so... what exactly are Nathaniel Hackett's roles and responsibilities?

Never thought "quiet quitting" could reach the NFL, yet here we are.

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