Packers vs. Bears is the oldest rivalry in the NFL, and boy does it stink this year.

These two teams combine for a 7-17 win-loss record. Gross. As the owner of the Chicago Bears, Aaron Rodgers should be disgusted. Instead, he's dealing with multiple injuries and Green Bay refuses to bench him.

Why, you ask?

Because Green Bay is playing the long game.

Chicago thinks they are set. The team stinks but they have draft picks to rebuild around their talisman, Justin Effing Fields. A man who runs like a cheetah and has more strength than a Buffalo. The dirty little secret about Fields, however, is he has yet to show any consistency passing the football. This trait is usually a necessity in a quarterback.

Rodgers left Sunday night's game against the Philadelphia Eagles and the mysterious Jordan Love came onto the field. Suddenly, the frozen ropes started flying. Love completed passes with ease and made the Green Bay offense finally look like its standout 2021 version.

Love looked ten times the passer Justin Fields is, and Green Bay knows this.

Green Bay wants Chicago to feel comfortable. They want them stationary. No need to draft an actual passing quarterback this April, instead keep your guy Fields. He's great.

Old, ornery, and broken Rodgers will give Bears fans hopes of a brighter future. They finally have the upper hand on their rival. So they think. No one knows Jordan Love exists. And that's a good thing. Because when Green Bay finally hands the torch over, once again they will own the Bears.

Because Jordan Love is a better quarterback than Justin Fields.

Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images