I'm not a football expert but I know an ouchie when I see one, and Patrick Mahomes has an ouchie.

High ankle sprains are extremely painful (I'm not a doctor, but I've had one) and I have no clue how he played through it just one week after suffering the injury. Now he'll have to do so again, but even three weeks post-ankle turn that thing is gonna hurt!

There's a lot of pain when you walk as an absolute normie weeks after a high ankle sprain, and I didn't have to evade the quickest and strongest dudes in the world from tackling me while trying to plant my feet and launch a ball dozens of yards forward.

All this to say that one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league isn't likely to be at 100% again.

Does that matter?

I mean, probs. A quick Google search tells me high ankle sprain injuries can take six weeks to three months (or longer!) to heal.

But he still had 326 passing yards for two touchdowns in the AFC Championship Game. He even got sacked three times and got back up fine. Sure, he was hobbled, and limping at times, but Pat Mahomes is a proven football freak.

I mean the damn winning play was him running for a first down — that resulted in a penalty that set up a field goal, but still! Like what. My guy, your leg, it has an ouchie.

In conclusion here, Pat Mahomes is not going to be fine, but he'll probably be fine. It's no Michael Jordan flu game, but if he pulls off his second Super Bowl win like this, he'll inch that much closer to being one of the best to ever do it.

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