While Giants vs. Texans isn’t a matchup that necessarily jumps off the page, it is an opportunity to watch two of the best backs in the NFL face off. 

Rumors of Saquon Barkley’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. Following two injury-plagued seasons, Barkley has returned in force, spearheading a Giants offense that’s otherwise lacking for star power.

Meanwhile, for the Texans, Dameon Pierce has gone from being a mostly unknown 4th round pick to the second coming of Marshawn Lynch, sitting second in the league in broken tackles. On just this one run against Jacksonville, he broke nine tackles, in a display that appeared more like a video game glitch than reality.

It seems likely both these teams will rely heavily on the run game (Giants quarterback Daniel Jones on his own is currently on pace to rush for over 700 yards this season), so the clock should be running a fair amount this game. Running clock = Less time to score points.

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