Hey, it’s me again. The guy who tried to talk you into betting on Trenton Irwin to score for the Bengals in the AFC Championship game. Well, that didn’t happen. And boy how it didn’t: He only caught one pass for six yards.

But there’s a reason the bet was +1000 (bet $10 to pay $100) to hit. It was always a long shot. And that’s okay, as long as you acknowledge that these things are all random sequences of events we’re trying to make sense of on a floating rock in an expanding universe.

With that in mind, you should probably do the responsible thing and invest whatever money you’re cool with probably losing on the Super Bowl in a Kadarius Toney anytime touchdown scorer prop bet. The odds for Toney to score a touchdown are currently listed at +400 (Bet $10 to win $40 profit for a take-home total of $50) on FanDuel, and it cashes if — you guessed it — our guy scores a touchdown at any point during the game. Keep in mind, though, it has to be a rushing or receiving touchdown to cash, though.

The Super Bowl comes once a year, this is a great wager to make if you want to have a little fun. The Chiefs are filled with weapons all over the offense, but Toney is arguably the most explosive player they have on the roster. In terms of speed and build, he’s kind of like Tyreek Hill (but of course not him because nobody is). Toney was a first-round pick for the Giants out of Florida in 2021 but was traded midseason after falling out of favor with the team.

His stats with the Chiefs so far aren’t eye-popping, but that’s not entirely surprising given he joined the team mid-season and is still adjusting to the new offense. But Kansas City did trade for him for a reason, and I predict the extra week of preparation will allow the Chiefs' offensive brain trust to scheme ways for Toney to get into space.

If you’re looking for a long shot to invest in, I like Toney to find a way into the endzone. If you want to have extra fun, parlay it with the over 21.5 receiving yards he’s projected for.

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