The last time we put a magnifying glass on the remarkable record of the 2022 double-digit underdog it was to preview the Eagles hosting the Commanders on Monday Night Football.

So apologies Cowboys fans, get ready to be hexed.

Double Digit Dogs Dominate

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If you're an underdog by 10 points or more this season don't lose hope. This year, beyond all years, is the year of the dog. They are breaking expectations and performing victoriously against the spread more often than not.

In 2021: Double-digit underdogs were 13-23-1 ATS - 35.1%

In 2022: Double-digit underdogs are 11-6 ATS - 64.7%

The Battle of Texas

The Dallas Cowboys are a dominant football franchise and are having a year that leaves many Texans pondering Super Bowl tickets. The Texans who root for the Texans however, well they're watching Bryce Young highlights on YouTube and attending family functions on Sunday afternoon versus watching Lovie Smith's terrible team.

The Cowboys host the Texans this week and boy oh boy is that point spread astronomical. Now it's not gonna crack the top 10 highest point spread list but it sure is close. It's also the largest opening point spread line this season.

So the trend is telling you to take the Texans, but can you stomach the pick?

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