The NFL started implementing a really intelligent television strategy not too long ago where they made the kickoff times of the entire final week of the season TBA. That way, according to how the standings have panned out, the NFL can group kickoff times of certain games together to ensure that every team that has a chance of improving their postseason lot gives it their all.

The secret sauce in this ratings-boosting formula is saving the juiciest game for the final Sunday Night Football slot. What used to be known as "Game 256" (RIP 16 game seasons), became a must-watch de-facto playoff game, usually reserved for the exact situation the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans find themselves in.

Win or go home

Mike Vrabel's Titans head to the Sunshine State in hopes of winning the AFC South once more. Trevor Lawrence is already planning his playoff push, trying to join the AFC postseason of Christmas Future with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson. Despite the Jaguars grumbling over short rest, we have ourselves a title game!

It's Derrick Henry's rumbling vs Travis Etienne's lightning! Doug Pederson's inventive playcalling vs. Todd Downing's chicken scratch!! A first overall pick at QB vs. a guy signed in mid-December!!!

This game is gross y'all

The NFL saw the Hospital Titans and said, "No thanks," eschewing them from the Sunday slate completely. They'll be playing as one of the two Saturday "prime time" slots alongside Jarrett Stidham. Vrabel will get the best out of this IR-laden team that's hobbling to the finish line but all of the NFL is hoping that Ol' Yeller gets taken behind the barn.

Josh Dobbs was a fun story for a random Amazon Prime Thursday night game. For the final game of the season, however, we're gonna need more than a NASA extern.

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