Fans of Trevor Lawrence rejoice (I assume that’s everybody? What’s not to like?) — He has arrived where he belongs. 

Talks of tanking for Trevor began from the time he was a freshman quarterback at Clemson. Today, he looks basically exactly the same physically (like the dude doesn’t age) but now he’s leading an NFL team in the playoffs—just as the prophecies foretold. Even if they lose their Wild Card matchup against the Chargers, the Jags going from having the first overall pick to winning the (objectively putrid) AFC South is a pretty good narrative to pitch to 2023 season ticket holders interested in good football and watching games in a bathing suit for some reason.

What’s very clear is that this should be the first playoff appearance of many for Lawrence, given the young talent surrounding him and the fact that he’s clearly just scratching the surface of his own potential. And in many ways, the Chargers are an ideal matchup—they’re another young but flawed team that the Jags happened to wallop earlier this season.

It’s hard to imagine the Chargers aren’t salivating over the chance to play against their division-rival Chiefs in the next round, but they probably shouldn’t be looking too far ahead. Even though Los Angeles is slightly favored, it’s hard to pick against the red-hot home team Jags in this spot.