On Sunday, the Dolphins fell to the Packers in a close game at home. 

The team didn’t look very sharp on the whole, but in particular, Tua Tagovailoa looked out of sorts, throwing three interceptions in the fourth quarter to seal the deal on their fourth straight loss.

On Monday, it became more clear why he struggled when a video emerged of this hit he took in the first half of the game: 

The same day Miami announced that Tua had entered the league’s concussion protocol, meaning he’ll likely miss the team’s game against the Patriots this Sunday. When asked about the apparent head injury, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said, “As far as the game was concerned, no one recognized anything with regard to any sort of hit.” 

This is a pretty troubling admission given that Tua has suffered multiple confirmed concussions this season, one of which occurred earlier this season a week after he displayed visible symptoms on the field and was cleared to play the following week

At this point, it’s clear that Tua shouldn’t be playing football again this year. Of course, this is a reality that Miami—considered one of the top contenders in the AFC—would prefer to ignore. But while benching him would likely affect their Super Bowl odds this season, if he were to suffer yet another concussion, it would most definitely affect the long-term outlook of the franchise and much more importantly, Tua himself. 

If the Dolphins have any decency, they’ll shut him down for the year. And if they don’t, the league should step in and do it for them. This isn’t a tough call.