The fan vote for the NFL's Pro Bowl teams (who are no longer playing in an actual Pro Bowl game, mind you) is underway, and it seems Floridians have put aside their disdain for Early Voting in order to lead us to a confusing place.

What are we doing?

Tua is a fine quarterback. He's leading a very exciting offense that currently sits in the sixth Wild Card spot in the AFC. He's also just come off of a game where he accounted for what felt like 72 turnovers.

Tua's stats are gaudy due to the miraculous offense constructed by head coach Mike McDaniel. When Tua throws a three-yard slant to any receiver, it turns into a 75 yards touchdown.

Does Tua deserve to make the Pro Bowl? Sure, why not, gold star kid!

Is he the best player in Roger Goodell's NFL?

No. No, he is not.

We have been hoodwinked

Is it strangely coincidental that the news of Tua's Pro Bowl excellence came out this week? A week where he faces off against a man who will forever be his comparison?

Justin Buh Gawd Herbert.

Once upon a time, the Miami Dolphins had a chance to draft Justin Herbert. All six-foot-six of him with luscious locks and a cannon of a right arm. Instead, they went with the Alabama product that slings gooseberrys from his left elbow and has a glass hip.

For years, Miami has been the butt of the joke.

This year, however, the DolPhans finally can sit at the adults table and join in on the conversation.

Chargers vs Dolphins. For All the Marbles

This weekend's game between the Dolphins and the Chargers is more than just a football game or a fight for a Wild Card birth.

The very future of the NFL is at stake.

Will we be forever forced to claim Tua's short-armed accuracy makes him a successful quarterback? (probably, the Chargers defense would give up 50 points to TCU).

Or will the prince who was promised rise from the ashes and prove, once and for all, that he is King?

Hit it Arnold!

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