I love football — specifically, football from the NFL region of playoffs. There is nothing sweeter than clearing your calendar, putting your chores on the back burner and watching three straight days of win-or-go-home NFL chaos.

So why am I not looking forward to the Vikings-Giants matchup?

Kirk Cousins

Captain Kirk is the definition of lukewarm. He is undoubtedly a talented player and, other than some prime-time failures, has had an amazing career. It helps to have a walking highlight in Justin Jefferson, but Cousins has delivered over and over again.

He's just boring.

I couldn't even get behind the shirtless chain-wearing cellys on the plane ride home.

It all seems forced and icky. He's the guy in high school that was at every party but no one knew who invited him. He's just there. Does he belong? Sure. Are you excited about it? Absolutely not.

Then there's Daniel...

There is a strong Daniel Jones contingent amongst Giants fans, and why not? He has produced a winning record throwing to dudes named Richie and Isaiah. While Saquon Barkley has shouldered the load to lead this team to the playoffs, it's the runs by Jones that leave the crowd buzzing.

This is also the man that fell down on his own accord in front of 50,000 people.

He makes the 'G' in 'G-men' stand for Goofy.

There is no highlight from the Giants this year that convinces me Daniel Jones is a keeper. Again, does he deserve to be a starter, as well as a myriad of accolades for his performance this year? Sure. If I'm a Giants fan, however, I am dreading every dollar spent on his second contract with the team.

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Clash of the Titans

And so they fight. To see which blasé QB is the blasést. Will it be the one who believes in the science of plexiglass or the one who looks to have an avid future in birdwatching?

Whoever wins will likely get the ultimate prize of being double-digit underdogs against the 49ers next week. So...

Catch the fever!

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