It was all going so smoothly for Minnesota.

With an impressive 7-1 record, a legit MVP candidate in Justin Jefferson, and a huge victory over the Bills in the best game of the season, things appeared to be pretty peachy in the Twin Cities. 

Then the Cowboys came to town.

One little 40-3 defeat later and things aren’t appearing peachy so more. In fact, if you had inspected it closely, that peach has some signs of rot. The Vikings' point differential on the season now sits at -2 despite their 8-2 record. For context, the 8-2 Chiefs have a +67-point differential. The Bills are 7-3–including the Minnesota loss—and have a point differential of +107.

It’s clear Minnesota has played well in close games, and no one can fault them for that, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see their luck average out as the season progresses. 

On Thanksgiving Day, the Vikings are hosting a Patriots team that has allowed just 6 points combined in their last two wins. Whatever Dallas exploited in their dominating win against Minnesota, you can trust Bill Belichick and his staff to have eyes on the same deficiencies. For that reason, it’s easy to see the Vikings' change of luck continuing on Thanksgiving.

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