Tom Brady signed a deal worth more money than he’s made in his entire one-of-a-kind professional career to broadcast NFL games for Fox Sports. If that sounds impossible, it’s because you’ve never conceived of the idea that $375 million could ever be promised to someone — who’s never even done it before — to speak words on TV. He’ll be paid over 10 years.

Of course, Brady won’t join the network until his career on the field ends — for real this time — which many think will happen in 2023. He’ll then call games with Kevin Burkardt. 

But let’s go down a dream scenario here, where we can pair Brady with someone else. Maybe as a special guest sometimes. Maybe as a permanent co-host. Stick with me here.

1. Rob Gronkowski

This was the gimme. We already know their chemistry works on field, in Tampa Bay, in New England and at after parties. Let the beefy guy run wild with his BFF. Maybe get some personality out of the TB12 community.

2. Snoop Dogg

Giving Snoop Dogg a microphone is typically the right answer to a lot of questions, but Snoop has told us all about how he’s partied with Brady after each Patriots Super Bowl win. We need these stories in the words of the legend himself. Plus, there’s clearly a lot of love here as he’s been quoted saying “I just love being friends with somebody that goes as hard as I do.”

3. Stephen Colbert

I mean, he got him to eat a strawberry AND chug a beer in the same segment. What other human-like activities can he influence Brady to do?

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