Super Wild Card Weekend gives us major First Weekend Of The NCAA Tournament vibes to all who bet on Super Bowl matchup futures. These bets are one of the trickier long-term wagers to make since they’re kind of like a parlay in disguise. You’ve gotta get both the AFC and NFC champions correct to cash out.

That’s, like, really hard! Last season, Tampa Bay ran away as the NFC’s No. 5 seed, and the year prior, Kansas City won as a No. 2 seed. The NFL hasn’t seen a matchup of No. 1 seeds in the Super Bowl since Eagles-Patriots back in 2018.

This year’s playoff bracket will be especially tough to predict. The Titans have a first-round bye as the top seed in the AFC, and nobody’s sure what version of Derrick Henry we’ll see when he returns for the first time since Halloween – spooky. Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown won’t play in Tampa. Jimmy Garropolo’s playing through a thumb injury. So many *wildcards*

Here are a few potential matchups that both excite us and feel possible for the Lombardi, ranked from most to least possible.

1. No. 1 Chiefs vs. No. 1 Packers at +500 (bet $100 → $500)

This is what we all want to see, right? Patrick Mahomes vs. Aaron Rodgers on the biggest stage. This is the most-likely Super Bowl matchup, according to the sportsbook, and oowee would this shootout be fun to watch.

2. No. 4 Bengals vs. No. 1 Packers at +1900 (bet $100 → $1900)

The Bengals are the story of the end of the NFL season, winning three of their last four games to make their first playoff appearance since 2015. Joe Burrow’s been red-hot in that span, throwing for 971 yards and eight touchdowns with no interceptions in his last two contests. America’s new darling (if they reach this point) vs. Rodgers would be FUN! Cincy will have to get past Tennessee to get there, though.

3. No. 6 Patriots vs. No. 2 Buccaneers at +3300 (bet $100 → $3,300)

I know it’s kinda barf, but think about it this way: 23-year-old Mac Jones beats Tom Brady in the Patriots’ Super Bowl revenge game. I could be into that! It’ll be a tough path for this longshot, which faces the Bills as four-point underdogs this weekend.

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3 Super Bowl matchups we’d like to see

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