The Carolina Panthers waived former No. 1 overall pick, Baker Mayfield, on Monday. And boy, that sure is good timing for a few NFL clubs that could really, really use some help at the quarterback position!

Sure, Mayfield has had his struggles, but at his core, he's been pretty decent... ish... Sometimes, at least. After all, did you know that he has the second-best NFL passer rating on attempts of 20+ yards in the NFL this season? Seriously. What a GOAT.

With that one single very specific stat in mind, here's a list of five NFL teams that should claim Baker Mayfield on waivers.

1. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have had some bad luck at quarterback this season. First, they go off and trade an obscene amount of draft capital for a high-upside, yet very much unproven prospect Trey Lance. Then, Lance broke his ankle and they turned back to the very quarterback they benched in Jimmy Garoppolo. Now, he's out with a broken foot. Can they really count on rookie Brock Purdy with this team so close to Super Bowl contention? No. Get Mayfield in here, ASAP!

Mayfield's most successful play to date has come at the hands of Kevin Stefanski, a coach that's schemed proficiency in the run game to take just enough pressure off of the quarterback to make mediocrity look above average. The 49ers have something similar with Kyle Shanahan. Give Mayfield a chance in this offense, with an All-Pro cast around him, and good things could happen.

Bet on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl: +1200 | AKA, bet $10 to win $120 profit!

2. Indianapolis Colts

Jim Irsay continues to search for answers at quarterback. Why not give Baker Mayfield a try next? Matt Ryan has already been benched once this season, pairing his 13 passing touchdowns with 13 interceptions and 14 fumbles (five of them lost).

3. LA Rams

Defending Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford is on IR, likely out for the remainder of the 2022 NFL season as he recovers from a spinal contusion. What does that mean at QB for the Rams? Great question! John Wolford, an undrafted free agent, is next up on the depth chart, followed by Bryce Perkins, another undrafted free agent. Neither has ever exceeded 231 pass yards in a game, with four combined starts between them.

Say what you want about Mayfield, but there's a lot to like about the depth he adds, if for no other reason than to close out a very forgettable season.

4. Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson is broken, guys. Let's have him pack it up and he can try again next year.

The sad part is that I'm really not sure there'd be any objection from Broncos fans. If only they had some money to pay... literally anyone but Russell Wilson to play quarterback.

5. Ringling Brothers Circus

He'll feel right at home. <3

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