I am sad. I am confused. I am heartbroken.

What felt like something that was destined to end in a ring and something that lasted forever, is over. I’ve experienced more emotion in the last four months than I had in my previous 25 years of life, and I have you to thank for all of it — the good and bad. 

No, I’m not talking about a recent breakup. This is a different love of my life. I’m talking about the Buffalo Bills. I am still processing what Joe Burrow and the Bengals (it hurts just to type it) did to us in the AFC Divisional Round. However, before we can officially put it in the past, there’s so much I would’ve done differently.

What I would do differently in the Divisional Round

Hire Bob The Builder to build a dome, expeditiously

Now, it’s pretty well documented how quickly Bob the Builder can build things. The second I see snow in the forecast I’m giving Robert a call and a private jet to Orchard Park, NY and paying him whatever he wants. Terry Pegula has a deep bag and could easily make it happen (also his daughter Jessica Pegula is currently playing in the Australian Open—big Pegula fan here). But Mina Kimes said it best:

But in all seriousness, a dome in western New York would be mutually beneficial for both the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. As a Bills fan, I am happy to say it’s already in the works for 2026.

Defensive & offensive playcalling

On a more serious note, the play calling against Cincinnati from the offensive coordinator was STALE. Ken Dorsey, who went viral early in the season for his temper tantrum, did not put his quarterback in the position to be successful. Josh Allen is a serial hero-baller and he’s so good because his natural talent allows him to get away with it more than most. Dorsey relied too much on that talent and when Josh couldn’t make the throws and big plays, the offense looked completely lost.

This is an offense that has lacked creativity all season, so I am not as surprised by that. What I am surprised by is Leslie Frazier (defensive coordinator) and his inability to make adjustments to what the Bengals were doing on offense. It was pretty obvious the Bills defense wanted to keep everything in front of them (for weather purposes or avoiding big plays), but when guys like Hayden Hurst and Trenton Irwin are cooking you in the middle of the field wide-open for chunk plays, it’s time to rethink the strategy. Leslie Frazier did none of that. 

What I would do differently this season

Trade for CMC (Or, any running back, really)

On the note of Josh Allen playing hero ball, the Bills franchise quarterback has 1,525 regular season rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns over the last two seasons. Bills RB1 during this time has been Devin Singletary (1,689 regular season yards and 14 touchdowns). Probably not a good long-term recipe for success when your quarterback is putting up nearly identical numbers to your running back on top of the depth chart.

For that reason, the Bills really missed out on getting a running back that could have unlocked some of Ken Dorsey’s playcalling. While Christian McCaffrey was rumored to be on the Bills list, at this point it’s hard to picture him not with the 49ers. There were other running backs on the trading block, though! From the disgruntled Cam Akers to the underperforming Alvin Kamara—potential solutions to a problem that has plagued the Bills for the past couple of seasons were right there, and the front office failed to act.

Wait, never mind — we got Nyheim Hines.

Sit Micah Hyde Week 2 & Sit Von Miller in Week 12

Yes, I understand injuries are a part of football, but the Bills had some really bad injuries happen to some really key guys.

Von Miller was initially diagnosed with a sprained MCL after a Week 12 win against the Lions, then it was announced he tore his ACL about a week later.

Micah Hyde had a very scary neck injury in Week 2, missing the rest of the season. Micah Hyde’s replacement? Damar Hamlin. Hamlin did a fine job as the starting safety, ranking in the top three on his team in total tackles before a frightening scene where he suffered a cardiac arrest during the Bills Monday Night game in Cincinnati. 

Who knows — if we have those guys, maybe Von Miller gets some pressure on Joe Burrow against the third-string Bengals offensive line. Maybe Micah Hyde is able to break up a touchdown (or two) to Jamarr Chase. Wishful thinking, though.

What I would do differently before the 2022 season

Build a dome just for Brian Daboll and give him the keys to Buffalo

This team would be in the Super Bowl already if Brian Daboll still called Highmark Stadium his office. If I’m Brandon Beane two years ago, I am giving Brian Daboll whatever the hell he wants to stay in Buffalo. I love Sean McDermott and am happy for Daboll in his current situation, I’d do a lot to have those two on the same coaching staff still. 

While there is still so much more I’d love to say, I simply cannot. For my mental health and the well-being of those around me, I can no longer think about, write about, speak about or type about the Buffalo Bills until March. Here’s a list of words I have muted on Twitter as I try to accomplish that goal. Wish me luck.

Muted Words on Twitter

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