Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr. is a legendary pal to his big hat friend for coming to the locker room postgame and wearing this:

Yes, it's a giant hat and yes, it's sold at a store called Noggin Boss and yes, the hat costs $75.

Social media had a nice run with the hats, including more than 100,000 likes on the original tweet, but we took things one step further.

Here are some moments in sports made better by Brian Robinson Jr.'s friends' company's very large hats.

Michael Jordan vibing... with a big hat!

A'ja Wilson winning a championship... with a big hat

Barry Bonds breaking the home run record... with a big hat

Chet Holmgren showing off his jewellery... and his big hat

Mickey Mantle only needing one... big hat

Draft night Coby White celebrating... with a big hat

Tiger Woods winning his first Masters... in the biggest hat

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