In fact, his official measurements are officially in from the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine.

Your 2021 Heisman Trophy winner officially stands 5'10 and 1/8" and weighed in at 204 pounds. His height matches that of Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, ranking in the 1st percentile among NFL quarterbacks, while his weight matches that of Russell Wilson (2012), ranking in the fifth percentile for the quarterback position.

The concern about Bryce Young's small frame

There are two concerns regarding Bryce Young's measurements.

The first concern is with his height (which, as noted above, ranks in the 1st percentile for NFL QBs). In short (hah!), the biggest concern with shorter quarterbacks is their ability to see the field. To make plays as a quarterback, you've got to read the field. In order to read the field, you have to see the field. When a shorter quarterback is playing behind tall offensive linemen, who often stand around 6'5", the field can be a challenge to see! This can lead to missed throws

The second concern (and probably the more significant of the two) is his weight. Generally speaking, weighing less can be a positive for a player's ability to move around the field. However, when they're taking hits from 300+ pound defensive linemen, a smaller frame suddenly becomes a bigger concern when questioning a player's durability.

Young did suffer an injury to his throwing shoulder in 2022 that forced him to miss a game, but overall, injuries haven't been a major concern throughout his college career.

Do his measurements really matter?

No. Really. I don't think they do. Young himself said at the combine, "I’ve been this size, respectfully, my whole life." And tbh, it's fair and valid. His height didn't impact his play at Alabama. His knowledge of the game makes him special. His play-making ability is off the charts.

You know how people say the loss of one sense can enhance the other senses? Sure, Bryce Young doesn't have the height and weight... but his other senses are off the charts.

Here's a look at the current odds of who will be the first quarterback drafted.

Bryce Young continues to be the odds favorite to be the first quarterback off the board in the 2023 NFL Draft... but the numbers have been moving rapidly throughout the QB workouts at the combine.

At -240, it would take a $24 bet to yield a $10 profit — meaning the sportsbooks are valuing this as a very likely outcome. Translation: since they see this outcome as a less-risky bet for you, the bettor, they're not going to allow you to make significant profits.

The biggest riser for the day was Florida prospect Anthony Richardson, who literally set NFL Combine records for the highest vertical jump (40.5 inches) and longest broad jump (10'9") for a quarterback to test at the position. His athleticism has been well-known, but to see him officially test as well as he did on the big stage... that's a big, big win for him.

Richardson's pre-combine odds to be the first quarterback off the board sat at +700, where a $10 bet would yield a $70 profit. Now, at +380, a $10 bet would yield just $38 in profit. Whew!

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