Our Super Bowl 57 matchup is officially set, with the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles set to take the big stage for the title of world champion. There are a lot of reasons to be very, very excited for this matchup between two of the NFL's most talented rosters.

A Super Bowl starring two black quarterbacks, way too long in the making

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl will feature two black starting quarterbacks. How is this a true factoid? I was genuinely surprised to learn it had never happened before. I probably shouldn't have been, though.

Statista noted back in 2021 that 58% of NFL players were black, with an additional 9.8% of players identifying as two or more races. However, just 10 of 32 starting quarterbacks (31.2%) are black. Historically, black quarterbacks have faced different standards than those faced by white quarterbacks.

Remember that time NFL teams really wanted QB Lamar Jackson to test as a wide receiver? But why though??? Or, how many times have we heard the narrative that he's just a "running back"? Why are we discounting his ability to throw the football because he happens to be one of the most athletic quarterbacks we've ever seen play the position?

Simply, we just don't hear the same narratives about Josh Allen, or even Daniel Jones, both of whom had 700+ rushing yards this season.

Just three black quarterbacks have ever won a Super Bowl, according to SportsCasting. One of them happens to have been Mahomes. Now, Hurts has a chance to become the fourth for even more history in the making!

A Super Bowl for the youth

Our two quarterbacks are making history in more than one way this year! Super Bowl LVII also marks the youngest Super Bowl in NFL history.

A victory for black women in the industry

This game isn't just a victory for minorities on the field. It's also a victory for minorities off of the field, as it's the first time a black woman has represented a starting quarterback in any Super Bowl.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, just 7.3% of NFLPA Certified agents are women. You can bet your butt that an even smaller portion of them are minorities. Congratulations to Nicole Lynn of Klutch Sports Group, who represents Eagles QB (and soon-to-be MVP? hmm?) Jalen Hurts!

A story of two brothers

It's the first time we've seen two brothers go head-to-head in a Super Bowl! Could you imagine being the Kelce mama? She proudly sports a jersey that is half Eagles-half Chiefs, and for good reason — you can't pick just one.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, on their own, are reason enough to celebrate. Their list of accolades is quite long. They're also really fun (did you know they co-host the third-highest-ranked podcast Ion the iTunes charts right now?).

Who wouldn't be all in on this game?

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