NFL fans (and fellow team owners) are all ready for the Dan Snyder era to end. His tenure as owner of the Washington Commanders has been marked with scandal after scandal, and to be quite frank, we're exhausted. Now, he announced he could be selling the team.

Here's a list of all of the fictional billionaires we think could be a better owner than Dan Snyder.

Jabba the Hutt

He didn’t look it, but in his prime, Jabba was an international symbol of power. The Hutt Clan came into their wealth via smuggling and illegal business. Though he might not take his team in a great direction morally, his background in crime tells us it could be a relatively seamless transition.

Tony Stark

Stark went from rich playboy to aspiring good guy with money. It’s kind of like the opposite of the Dan Snyder story. We like that.

Mr. Burns (Simpsons)

Mr. Burns is the cartoon representation of corporate greed. The good news is, he already has management experience! Sure, he can’t remember employee names, but that’s gotta be a step up from what the Commanders' staff has been working with.

Scrooge McDuck

Donald Duck's uncle is kind of an ass. But he is the richest duck in the world, and he did it coming up in a rags-to-riches style. He's a frugal man, which the Commanders really need, apparently, as they navigate through a federal investigation on the team's financial improprieties.

Syndrome (The Incredibles)

It’s kind of ironic, considering Syndrome’s claim to fame (and his cash) is weaponry. The Commanders really need some weaponry right around now. Perhaps Syndrome has the code to light the offense in ways we haven't seen since Alex Smith's days.

Willy Wonka

Wonka literally offed children one-by-one for breaking rules, and we’re still rallying for this fictitious billionaire to take over. Despite the questionable ethics Wonka displayed throughout Charlie's tour of the factory, he showed some redeeming qualities. Wonka closed out the tour by awarding Charlie and his family handsomely for their honesty and loyalty. Maybe he can do the same for the Commanders.

The Commanders enter Week 9 at 4-4... just a step out of playoff contention in what has turned out to be a less-than-competitive conference. FanDuel Sportsbook currently has the Commanders at +390 for a post-season run. Which of these owners would you pick to make it happen?

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