Adam Schefter’s fingers GOTTA have blisters as the Breaking News tweets were fast and furious this week. Aaron Rodgers is coming back to Green Bay on a four-year, 200 million dollar deal… oh, wait, just kidding, he’s returning for a mysterious unknown deal. Ok then. With the Packers also placing the franchise tag on stud WR Davante Adams, cheeseheads across the country are rejoicing in another ‘last dance’ season that surely won’t end in divisional disappointment…

Not to be outdone in the Great QB Race Of 2022, the Broncos sent everything but the kitchen sink to Seattle for Russell Wilson. The Super Bowl XLVIII winner and perennial Pro Bowl-er joins a contender with a top-5 defense, solid offensive line, standout rookie running back and a promising receiving core. Wilson has never received an MVP vote in his career, but his odds to win the ‘22 award jumped from +2500 to +1400, sixth best in the league. 

MVP odds weren’t the only numbers moving this week.

Odds to win the 2023 Super Bowl

  • Packers in February +1500 (bet $100 to win $1,500)

  • Packers today +750

  • Broncos in February +2100

  • Broncos today +1200

  • Seahawks in February +3500

  • Seahawks today +10000 (sorry @MinaKimes)

Predicting what’s next in NFL free agency

On March 16, free agents can begin negotiations. If you happen to own a crystal ball, now’s the time to look at some NFL futures. Odds can change drastically, and getting a good number is key for a profitable future. And no, Carson Wentz to the Commanders does not give us the feels.

49ers Super Bowl odds: +1300

Jimmy G is (most likely) out of town and rumor has it a living legend is circling his hometown team for one last ride — after announcing his retirement no less. Should Tom Brady head to the bay, SF arguably becomes the favorite in the NFC with SB odds similar to Green Bay’s.

Titans Super Bowl odds: +2200

Sitting in the easiest AFC division, the Titans are playoff bound, but as this year showed, Ryan Tannehill might not be the man to lead them to the big one. Could this team benefit from a slight upgrade at the quarterback position? Is that man Jameis Winston? Did I just talk myself into Famous Jameis Super Bowl Contender??

Chargers Super Bowl odds: +2500

The Chargers were a lost tie-break away from making the playoffs and their decrepit run-defense was a huge reason why. After keeping all of their offensive firepower, a few defensive free agent signings could be enough to put them over the top. Bobby WagnerAkeim HicksJ.C. Jackson and more are all available to boost this team into the title picture.

Tip of the day

The fate of many teams will drastically change over the coming weeks, and we haven’t even mentioned the NFL Draft yet Time to go snooping for that juicy, early number.

Term of the Day

How 2023 Super Bowl odds have changed since NFL’s March Madness

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