Jaguars fans should be happy with the outcome of the 2022 NFL season. They should be. They climbed to the top of the small mound that was the AFC South. Champions of the molehill. They won a playoff game at home for seemingly the first time since the original Night Court aired. They made it to the NFL's Elite Eight and lost a one-score game to the AFC's No. 1 seed.

They should be ecstatic.

But there's a tinge of regret, and it's shaped like a 6'5'' tight end.

Travis Kelce Owns Jacksonville

Seventeen targets, fourteen receptions, ninety-eight yards and two touchdowns.

Over 50% of Pat Mahomes' targets and pass yards went to this man. It's inconceivable that the Jags' defense couldn't figure out how to give him the Jimmy Patsos treatment.

It's Not Your Fault

Semi-forgivable for Jacksonville is the fact that Travis Kelce was merely a no-name before this game, becoming one of the many unheralded playoff stars that emerge every year..........

What's also semi-forgivable for the Jags was that Pat Mahomes was impossible to reign in during this game and he made so many plays with his legs that sticking to Travis Kelce became nearly impossible....................

Lastly what's semi-forgivable is the fact that Kelce's incredibly diverse route tree made covering him an act of improbable guesswork because you never truly knew what he was going to do on the field. Jacksonville?

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