With just one week until the NFL season and rosters finalized, it’s time to start analyzing how the 2023 season will go.

Follow along.  


Division Winners

  • Buffalo Bills 14-3

  • Los Angeles Chargers 12-5

  • Baltimore Ravens 12-5

  • Indianapolis Colts 10-7

Between the Chargers new signings, a healthy Ravens roster and Matt Ryan keeping the ship afloat, we see a few fresh faces as division winners this year. Buffalo remains as a repeat champion of the AFC East and should be the team that gets the all-important first round bye. 

Wild Card

  • Las Vegas Raiders 11-6

  • Kansas City Chiefs 11-6

  • Cincinnati Bengals 10-7

Two more AFC West teams join the party as we expect the Raiders offense to light the world on fire as well as Pat Mahomes to navigate his way through a plethora of new skill position players to find the postseason once more. The Bengals have a difficult hill to climb but have the skill to do so, including a revamped offensive line. 

Just Missed Out

  • Tennessee Titans 9-8

  • Miami Dolphins 9-8

  • Denver Broncos 8-9

  • New England Patriots 7-10

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 7-10

The first three on this list have the talent to make the playoffs and probably would if they resided in the NFC, but cuts had to be made. A poor offensive line in Nashville, a questionable QB in Florida, and Colorado’s position as the fourth-best team in an ultra-competitive division likely hold them out. The $10 combo platter of Joe Judge and Matt Patricia restricts Mac Jones in his second year while Trevor Lawrence shines under Doug Pederson’s guidance. That Jaguars roster still has too many holes to make a true run, though. 

Maybe Next Year

  • Cleveland Browns 6-11

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 4-13

  • New York Jets 4-13

  • Houston Texans 2-15

Cleveland’s roster is arguably the most complete in the league, but it’s doubtful Jacoby Brissett can win enough games to keep them competitive through the first 12 weeks of the season. Count us out on Mitch Trubiskey and Kenny Pickett playing behind that porous Pittsburgh offensive line. As for Jets and Texans fans, we’re sorry, but we’re just not that into you. 


Division Winners

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15-2

  • Los Angeles Rams 14-3

  • Philadelphia Eagles 12-5

  • Minnesota Vikings 12-5

Welcome back, Tom! The Bucs have some interesting storylines building around training camp but that roster is absolutely stacked and in a pretty poor division. The defending champion Rams should also breeze through the regular season. Then there’s the two newbies. Philly could be backed by an MVP-type season from Jalen Hurts as they run over everyone in their path. Minnesota lost more games in the last two minutes than any other team in NFL history last season, and that should change without Mike Zimmer at the helm. 

Wild Cards

  • Green Bay Packers 11-6

  • Dallas Cowboys 10-7

  • Detroit Lions 10-7

Wait a second, is that Detroit? A team on the rise has captured the hearts of America during HBO’s Hard Knocks series, but Gaming Society has been in on them since the offseason. An excellent offensive line, easy strength of schedule and strong draft picks could propel Detroit into the postseason. As for Green Bay and Dallas, it’s hard to count these two organizations out although we may be in down years for the both of them. 

Just Missed Out

  • New Orleans Saints 9-8

  • San Francisco 49ers 9-8

  • Arizona Cardinals 8-9

  • Carolina Panthers 7-10

New Orleans and San Francisco have playoff caliber defenses, but question marks on the offense keep them out of the postseason this year. Arizona and Carolina are incomplete teams with too many injury question marks although Baker Mayfield’s play could make many Panthers fans. 

Maybe Next Year

  • Washington Commandeers 5-12

  • Seattle Seahawks 5-12

  • Atlanta Falcons 3-14

  • Chicago Bears 3-14

  • New York Giants 3-14

The NFC is ugly at the bottom. Carson Wentz is an uninspired band-aid to Washington’s QB problem. All eyes are on Geno Smith to succeed, but it’s clear Seattle does not foresee him as the long-term answer. Desmond Ridder could surprise some people during the end of the season but not enough to win Atlanta many games. Chicago higher-ups should see jail time for the team they’ve built around Justin Fields. Lastly, Daniel Jones. That’s all you need to know.

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