The Pittsburgh Steelers have officially started three of the last four seasons sub-.500 over their first five games. Now, Steelers fans are growing impatient. Kevin Colbert is out as GM. Ben Roethlisberger has retired. Are we finally going to see the tide turn at head coach?

The Steelers’ season has been UGLY

They’re averaging just 15.4 points per game (third-fewest) and nearly two turnovers per game. The Mitch Trubisky experiment was an abysmal failure. Kenny Pickett has looked good (not great) in his first six quarters of playing time. The entire defense is injured. Every returner that touches a ball somehow fumbles — whether that's Ray-Ray McCloud or a literal All-Pro, Gunner Olszewski... nothing — and I mean nothing — is going right for this team.

Former Steelers safety Ryan Clark hasn't held back on his thoughts on the team (or its former players) in the past... and he isn't holding back now, either.

Odds for the Steelers to finish 2022 regular season with 5 or more wins? -145 | AKA... Bet $14.5 to win $10

Does Mike Tomlin’s history mean anything?

Tomlin enters Week 6 of the 2022 season with a .634 win percentage, a Super Bowl win and seven first-place finishes in the AFC North. How wrong does a season with a coach who sports that kind of resume have to go to justify firing him?

Can the Steelers turn it around?

Probably not this season. Too many injuries. Too many holes in the roster. I'm not sure any coach could be the cure for 2022's maladies.

Look, I've been probably the biggest Kenny Pickett doubter west of the Mississippi, but he does appear to have that dog in him. Enjoy Pickett's reaction after Bills DE Shaq Lawson got in a low hit on him in Week 5. You love to see it.

Still, they need to improve on execution in every phase of the game. Play calling. OC Matt Canada can't seem to scheme anything past the line of scrimmage. Please, Matt. I'm begging you. Get Diontae Johnson and George Pickens the ball down the field. I promise, good things will happen.

So how hot is Mike Tomlin's seat?

It's really difficult to imagine a franchise as loyal as the Steelers moving on from Tomlin any time soon — even considering how bad this team has looked in the season. As a reminder, Tomlin is just the third head coach the Steelers have had since 1969. Turnover à la Cleveland Browns is not this team's vibe, and it won't be any time soon.

Suck it up, Steelers fans. Tomlin isn't going anywhere.

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