We've long discussed the prospects of sending an NFL team to Europe, and Week 10's first game in Munich showed us all why they deserve a franchise. This week, the Seahawks faced the Bucs in the league's first Germany game ever. Football was played. Giant beers were flowing. Songs were sung. This crowd was lit. It was magical.

To quote the great Tom Brady, AKA Mr. Only QB Who's Won in Four Different Countries, "That was one of the great football experiences I've ever had."

We decided we were sick of waiting on Roger Goodell to make the call. For the sake of Munich fans, we'll forcibly relocate one of the teams ourselves. Consider it the "donate a franchise" movement!

No, Germany, don't worry — we're not going to donate the Washington Commanders. You didn't do anything wrong to deserve that. Instead, we've outlined three other NFL franchises we'd l send to Germany to officially plant American football's flag in Europe.

Jacksonville Jaguars

This one is easy. The Jaguars have been at the forefront of the rumor mill when it comes to teams making their way to Europe. There's no team in the league that's played more international games (albeit they were in London), so it feels like they'd cope well with the time difference at least.

LA Chargers

The Chargers haven't yet recovered their fanbase since relocating from San Diego, so we figure they won't be too upset to be greeted by a slew of fans actually eager to watch them. Let's be real, it feels like the Bolts are cursed anyway. They could stand to hit the "reset" button... or zurücksetzen button, per Google Translate.

Detroit Lions

Detroit hasn't done anything to warrant losing their NFL franchise, really. We just want to see Dan Campbell (should he last another season) vibing with German culture. It feels like it'd be a good fit. Campbell is tough and strong. Beers. Spaetzle. It just feels right. Right???

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