The Broncos have lost seven of their last eight games. Who's to blame? Well, we'll assign a lot of that to Russell Wilson, who's apparently been calling Seahawks audibles in the huddle (whoops).

Also on the list of blame, is head coach Nathaniel Hackett. He's made a lot of bad decisions this year, including announcing that "nobody is as frustrated than [him]."

Respectfully, Nate. We have to disagree. Here's a long list of people that are probably more frustrated than you, right now.

1. Johnny's parents

Johnny's parents love him. Johnny loves the Jets. So, Johnny's parents take him to get ice cream any time the Jets win. It used to be a super cute, once-in-a-blue-moon kind of treat. Rudely, the Jets are winning a lot this season.

The Jets have seven wins this year. That's seven trips for ice cream in NYC. Seven trips to the legendary Morgenstern’s for a s'mores sundae? That's $70 worth of ice cream. Slow down, Jets. These parents have a mortgage to pay.

2. Retail workers

Black Friday is finally in the rearview mirror, and retail workers are undoubtedly exhausted from dealing with deal-greedy holiday present hunters.

3. Elon Musk

Apple cut advertising spending on Twitter, and Elon's pissed. "Do they hate free speech in America?"

4. Kelsey Plum

There's been far too much commentary from the peanut gallery on the pay disparity between men's and women's sports. Kelsey Plum is here to remind everyone what they're really asking for.

This week, she guested on the Residency podcast, saying, "I don't think I should get paid the same as LeBron," Plum said, "but the percentage of revenue... for example, they sell my jersey at Mandalay Bay and I don't get a dime."

Read more about her thoughts here.

5. Kyler Murray

Patrick Peterson says all Kyler Murray cares about is Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray says, "Nuh-uh!"

I can't wait to not watch this on Hard Knocks next week.

6. Liver King

The "fitness guru" and bodybuilder Liver King was super-shockingly outed as having used steroids. Who is shocked? We are shocked. Outraged, even.

Ain't it sad to see your heroes fall?

7. The Rams, Broncos, Saints, Browns

All of these teams are in line to earn top-10 picks in the 2023 NFL draft... yet they don't own their own picks. ALL OF THEM WERE TRADED. WHOOPS.

8. Russell Wilson

Not only has this man lost alongside Nathaniel Hackett, but he's also got struggles of his own. Ciara threw him a birthday party this week, and only half the team showed up. It feels like DT Mike Purcell probably didn't show.

9. Taylor Swift fans

It's been 16 days since the great Taylor Swift incident of 2022, and fans are still reeling. Ticketless. :(

10. Fans of teams that didn't advance to the World Cup knockout stage

Women, your time to shine is rapidly approaching. Guys, we'll try again in four years.

Congrats to those who advanced, though! USA, USA, USA! 🇺🇸

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