Justin Jefferson almost broke the internet Sunday with a monstrous catch to help bring the Vikings in striking distance for an upset over the Bills. Twitter was immediately aflutter with fans asking themselves, "Did we just witness the greatest catch of all time?"

So, in classic Gaming Society fashion, we decided to rank our picks for the best NFL catches in the last decade. Check out our top five, then let us know your picks over on Twitter!

5. Antonio Brown's "Immaculate Extension"

This was, well... before things went south for Antonio Brown. On Christmas Day 2016, Brown made the second-most immaculate catch in Steelers' history. What a moment.

4. Stefon Diggs & the Minneapolis Miracle

Stefon Diggs posted this unreal catch, at the most unreal time to send the Vikings to the NFC Championship. This moment will go down in history for Vikings fans, forever.

3. DeAndre Hopkins' butt catch

There was a flag on the play and it didn't *technically* count as a catch, so feel free to debate if it deserves a spot on this list. It does, though.

2. The OBJ

Yep. OBJ's legendary catch falls at No. 2 on our list... which means...

1. Justin Jefferson

JJ's Week 10 catch is officially No. 1 on our list.

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