Christian Gonzalez looks great on paper. Nailed his combine drills and had some stellar years in the Pac-12 for both Colorado and Oregon. He has the size and speed that would be illegal if you were creating a player in Madden. His development in proper technique is essential to find his ceiling but if coached up correctly, this dude could be a stellar lockdown corner.

Christian Gonzalez scouting report

  • Position: Cornerback

  • School: Oregon (Jr)

  • Measurables: 6'1, 197 lbs.

  • Combine notes: He can jump! His 41.5" vertical jump was in the 96th percentile of all players, and his 133" broad jump was in the 95th percentile.

  • Where he wins: Very speedy and extremely athletic, his NFL draft profile notes - able to shuffle and swerve in space like he's gliding on air.

  • Areas for improvement: Needs to be coached up on consistent technique.

First team All-Pac 12 in 2022. Two of his sisters were two-time All-Americans in track and field and represent Columbia in international meets.

Obligatory Christian Gonzalez Highlight Reel

3 facts you probably didn't know about Christian Gonzalez

  • He is the brother-in-law of NFL QB and Hard Knocks favorite David Blough.

  • If the NFL doesn't work out, he may have a career as a chef as his cajun shrimp pasta drew high praise from his Oregon teammates.

  • He is as durable as they come, his last season in high school he was a cornerback, a quarterback and the punter, and never missed a play in all 11 games.

How does Christian Gonzalez fit in with the Patriots?

Billy boy you got yourself a stud. How Gonzalez fell to pick #17 is a mystery to me. This dude had top ten written all over him. He gets to learn from the best too, and Belichick is one of the best when it comes to developing defensive players in the back-seven.

A lot of great players have played in the backfield under old Bill. From Ty Law to Devin McCourty to, now, Christian Gonzalez. Love this pick, love this fit.

Grade: A

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