If you've watched college football at any point during the last three years, you've probably seen Jordan Addison score a touchdown. He did so in nearly every week on the field. Starring for two years with the Pittsburgh Panthers and then transferring in 2022 to join Lincoln Riley at USC, Addison showed out in every facet. Whether it was on the long ball, creating in space on short read, returning kicks or getting a handoff in the backfield, Addison is a jack of all trades that produced everywhere he went.

The question remains whether his production will continue on Sundays. He lacks the ideal athleticism needed by stud wide receivers and is extremely small. In space however, he is devastating.

Jordan Addison scouting report

  • Position: Wide Receiver

  • School: USC (Jr)

  • Measurables: 5'11, 173 lbs.

  • Combine notes: 4.49 second 40-yard dash which places him in the 56th percentile among wide receivers. That's also the highest percentile he finished in for any combine measurable...

  • Where he wins: Solid footwork and elite quickness makes him a nuisance to cover.

  • Areas for improvement: Struggled against strong and long corners.

Jerry Jeudy, Ja'marr Chase, Devonta Smith and Jordan Addison. Those four dudes won the Fred Biletnikoff Award from 2018-2021 as the best wide reciever in college football. Not a bad group to be in.

Addison was a consensus All-American in 2021 as well as a first-team All-ACC. During his one season at USC, even after missing three games due to injury, he was a first-team All-Pac-12 selection. Led college football with 17 receiving touchdowns in 2021 and finished with over 3,000 yards receiving over three seasons. Production is his middle name.

Obligatory Jordan Addison Highlight Reel

3 facts you probably didn't know about Jordan Addison

  • He did not make the people at Pittsburgh happy when he transferred to USC, with his former coach accusing Lincoln Riley of tampering. Addison stated it was strictly business (and the chance to work with future first round pick Caleb Williams).

  • His former Pitt QB is still a good friend however as both have talked glowingly about playing together at the next level.

  • He has a big personality (as all wide receivers do) and became a leader through his hard work and dedication to the grind.

How does Jordan Addison fit the Vikings?

This seems unfair. The Vikings already have the best WR is football and now add one of the best WRs college football has ever seen? Kirk Cousins (for now) has an embarrassment of riches. KJ Osborn has another stranglehold on the 3rd spot. Jordan Addison has a wonderful system to walk into where he doesn't need to be the number one option and can carve out PLENTY of space.

This is scary for the NFC North.

Grade: A+

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