I know — a win's a win. It doesn't matter if it's pretty. It just matters that it's recorded in the W column. However, stacking wins can sometimes feel a little flukey. Or maybe, public perception just hasn't caught up yet to the true state of the team.

Here's a look at the NFL's biggest frauds ahead of Week 11. Feel free to yell at us on Twitter if you disagree.

LA Chargers (5-4)

We do this every single year: give ourselves hope that the Chargers might actually be good. Then, bad luck ensues, and we suddenly remember that this is an organization that's not built for success... for whatever reason. They still sit above .500 despite a myriad of injuries, from Justin Herbert and receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Williams on the offense to Joey Bosa and J.C. Jackson on defense. Hell, even the kicker is injured!

We will never learn our lesson. The Chargers are full of hot air and false hopes.

Bet the Chargers to miss the playoffs at +108... AKA, bet $10 to win a $10.80 profit.

Chicago Bears (3-7)

I know the win-loss record doesn't indicate the Bears are a good team, but with the Justin Fields hooplah as of late, it feels like people are forgetting they're not actually good. Their defense ranks dead last in the league. Their offense outside of Fields is mediocre. Chicago is fun to watch now that they've discovered his legs, sure, but it doesn't mean they're a good football team.

Nope. I won't have it. To close out the season, they'll face the Falcons, Jets, Packers, Eagles, Bills, Lions and Vikings. That's a brutal outlook for a team that feels so very lose to trending upward.

Bet the Bears to have five or fewer total wins at +100... AKA, bet $10 to win $10 profit!

Tennessee Titans (6-3)

Here's the good news, Tennessee: the Titans have six wins this season! Now here's the bad news: their six wins came against teams with a combined record of 15-31-2. Their three games against teams with a winning record? All losses. Not exactly inspiring.

This unit ranks 10th in points scored and dead last in offensive yards. The bright spot has been their defense, graded as Pro Football Focus' sixth most-highly graded unit. However, Derrick Henry is not enough (as much as I <3 him) to overcome the lack of a passing game.

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