Last weekend, Ron Rivera—also known as Riverboat Ron for his willingness to gamble on big plays—was remarkably unaware of the stakes for his Washington Commanders in their game against the Browns. Following the loss, Rivera was apparently unaware that the result meant Washington was eliminated from playoff contention.

But indeed, Washington joins a long list of teams with nothing to play for except draft position and memories heading into the final week of the season.

Which teams have been eliminated from NFL playoff contention?

  • Arizona Cardinals (playing @ San Francisco 49ers)

  • Atlanta Falcons (playing vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

  • Carolina Panthers (playing @ New Orleans Saints)

  • Chicago Bears (playing vs. Minnesota Vikings)

  • Cleveland Browns (playing @ Pittsburgh Steelers)

  • Denver Broncos (playing vs. LA Chargers)

  • New York Jets (playing @ Miami Dolphins)

  • Houston Texans (playing @ Indianapolis Colts)

  • Indianapolis Colts (playing vs. Houston Texans)

  • LA Rams (playing @ Seattle Seahawks)

  • Las Vegas Raiders (playing vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

  • New Orleans Saints (playing vs. Carolina Panthers)

  • Washington Commanders (playing vs. Dallas Cowboys)

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